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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... witian goer. yesterday was very pleasant with sunshine, highs in the mid to upper 50s, and a light westerly breeze. temps quickly dropped into the 30s last
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already in the 40s this morninunr a clear sky. that sw wind will gust to 30 mph this afternoon with sunshine and highs in the lower 60s. another cold front moves in tonight, and the wind will shift to the nw with lows near 40. breaking overnight -anti- donald trump protests across los angeles -- hundreds took to the streets... blocking traffic and destroying portland oregon -- hundreds gathered outside the courthouse to protest against the president-elect .five people were shoin seatte ar the protests, but officials say it does not appear those shootings are
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gets his first inside look at his new home and workspace . he's headed to the white house for a briefing from president obamatracie potts reports. (sot: donald trump/ (r) president-elect :00-:07)"it is time for us to come together as one united people."that begins today... with the extraordinary image many thought would never happen: billionaire - now president elect - donald trump and his wife melania... side by side with the obamas at the white house this morning for private meetings the president says his transition team's been preparing for for the last yeot: ar.(spresidenbarack obama/ no super :27-:32)"we are now l rootg for his success in uniting and leading the country." there's a lot of work to do. mr. trump has 10 weeks to select a cabinet, and hundreds of senior members of his administration. then work ginsben his promised agenda.. with a republican congress: - replang obamacare - building the wall - renegotiating tre deal -
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vacancy on the supreme court. (house speaker paul ryan natsot, "this is very exciting.")not for everyone. (protest "notna, y president!")protests have broken out around the country. (protest nats)president-elect trump... promising unity(sot: donald trump/ (r) president- elect 1:06-1:11)"now, it's time for america to bind the tunds of dision, we have t together." preparing to govern deeply divided nation. (insert ends) (two second pause)audio outcue: tracie potts, washington. three namewith wisconsin ties are in the mix for a scott walker, eriff david clarke, and republan national chairman reince pribus might all be on that list.during an interview y on radio 6-20 w-t-m-j, governor scott walker said despite hints trump wants him, he's sticking to his day job. us to do "i told donald, i told my friend mike pence, i can best serve a republican administration by being the head of that governor's association and helping ensure
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work together to do the things that people elected us to do." priebus has been rumored to be a candidate for trump's chief of staff. 620 wtmj's charlie skykes says bringing priebus on board would be a good move. trump administration." "reince priebus played a crucial role in this campaign and he's played a crucial role in wisconsin politics and i would not be surprised to see him continue in a very 45 powerful position in a trump administration." milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is said to be a possible security secretary the sults of tuesday's presidential election still have people asking how the pollsters got things so wrong. ju ten days ago.. the marquette university law school poll.. had clinton leading trump six points.trump won .. by one percentage point. charles franklin calls the presidentialnumbers the biggest difference, in his polling career its perfectly understandable if voters and others want to be more skeptical of polling
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many women? not enoughpeople? with less than a college degree? too many with a college degree?not all polls were off .. there were a number of polls that got it right.including the l-a times / usc tracking poll that projected donald trump would win by two points and investors business daily / tipp tracking that projected trump would win by three points. a hispanic group out of racine voicing their concerns out donald trump becoming already planning ways to fight back against deportation.the ruiz family says they're now an easy target. the ruiz's moved to america 17 years ago. they wanted their oldest daughter, valeria, a better future. while she was in high school, a program came out to protect illegal immigrants who moved to the u.s. before age 16. to even apply, her parents had rovi p all their information to the federal government. ruiz fears trump will push to shut down that program and send her family,
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"ing back to a country i don't know, i don't ow at to expect," bob spindell with the republican party of wisconsin says trump's proposed policies revolve more around enhanced boer security while focusing on undocumented immigrants with criminal backgrounds. voter turnout wisconsin coming up short of projections new numbers show turnout for tuesday's presidential election was at a 20-year low. unofficial results put turnout 66 percent of the voting age population in our state. more tha2 people voted in wisconsin's senaracete .. 3 thou more than the presidential contestthe wisconsin elections commission predicted about 3 million people would vo.. which would have been a roughly 69 percent turnout. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- sexual assaul suspect: the latest on the search for a man police say attacked two women: where those happened and what he might look like. plus: tobacco ban: the move one alde wants to make at all stadiums and the surprising people it
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and taking a live look
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yesterday was very pleasant with sunshine, highs in the mid to upper 50s, and a light westerly breeze. temps quickly dropped into the 30s last
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already in the 40s this morning under a clear sky. that sw wind will gust to 30 mph this afternoon with sunshine and highs in the lower 60s. another cold front moves in tonight, and the wind will shift to the nw with lows near 40. man they saysexually assaulted two women on t happened near milwaukee sign language school, commity high school morsmiddle
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someone will reconize him. a milwaukee police officer accused of firing his weapon while off duty and drunk will soon make his t cofirst appearance.42-year-old michael andersonas charged for the septmeber incident.police say his blood alhol level was limit.anderson has be at gal m-p-d for 20ears. he is currently suspended. sports a tobacco don't mix alderman. now, he is pushing for an ordiance to make stadms around the city tobacco free. the whole measure is up for debate in this morning.alderman michael murphy wants to ban chewing tobacco from parking lot tailgates to the players in the stadium. brewers fans are mixed on the idea. i don't think the fans should have their rights infridged upon." i don't ink it would ruin my experience. the ban is for all stadiums including
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250 dollar fine. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--send in reinforcements.the two packs players who might be read go against the titans.and - a massive fire near uw- ewater. leaves several students without an apartmen what school officials are doing to hthemelhis
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for the one minute drill, i'm nce aln. could the reinforcements be on the way, in green bay? james starks and jared cook fully participated in practice. mike mccarthy says ty want to cut them loose and see if they can play and help in tennessee, against the titans.meanwhile the packers say they are not in must win mode.(( aaron rodgers says i've never liked that term. world war 2 was a must-win, football is football. it's an important
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it's just ke any other game. we wanna win and we prepare to win every game so where we're right now, we definitely need to win a me like this and definitely should but they're not going to laydown for us just like any other team so we have to put in the work and come out swinging early.))((jordy nelson says we have urgency every week. we never go into a week - say we're 6-1, oh all right, we can give this one up and we'll be 6-2 at the end of the week and be fine so every week you come in well and play well. ))and the bucks are ck at e bmo harris bradley center, hosting the new orleans pelicans.for the one minuterill, i'm lance
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mid to upper 50s, and a light westerly breeze. temps quickly dropped into the 30s last evening, a sw wind kicked up overnight, and temps are already in the 40s this morning under a clear sky. that sw wind will gust to mph this afternoon with sunshine and highs inthe lower 60s. another cold front moves in tonight, and the wind will shift to the nw with lows near 40. friday afternoon will be sunny, but it will be windy with a northerly wind to 25 mph, and highs struggling to get out of the 40s. saturday morning will drop to near 30, making it milwaukee's first freeze of the season. the afoon will be sunny, breezy and cool with a high
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sunny, but the southerly wind cranks up again and will warm
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fire officials in whitewater are investigating the cause of an apartment fire that displaced several college students.more than a hundred families and u-w whitater students live at the university gardens apartments on tratt street.residents told us: they had to crawl the ground through sme-filled haways to escape.a lot of peoplelike sarah downs and her daughter jadaare
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the whole hallway was engulfed in flames. then it spread to the other hallway. then the was an explosion in the front of the buildi. just knowing at it was spreading that fast, it was pretty scary. u-w whitewater students who live at the complex are being told to go to the school's visitors cent families who need a place to go, are being taken to the uw- whitewater williams center - gymnasium number one. milwaukee police continue to search for the driver of an s-u-v that hit and killed a church.rickyia langham was crossing the street sun morning. when police say she was hit and the driver sped off. investigators say they have recovered the vehicle involved in the person is in custody -- although it is not clehow that person may be connected to the case. we are working to find out the condition of a kenosha man hit while riding his bike kenosha police say the man -- in his 's -was hit by a car along 75th street around 5 -p-m. police did not tell us whether the driver remained on scene.
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froedtert by flight for life. a former oshkosh high school coach facing chges -- accused of sex crimes involving teenage girls. according to the criminal complaint: frederick baier sent sexually explicit snapchat images to a 13-year-old.the second charge alleges baier bought alcohol for teens beforesexually assaulting one of the girls "he befriended these kids in an ofessional manner that life in their social gatherings." the oshkosh school district terminated their contract with ier . anyone who feels they may have been victimized is asked to come forward. an oconto student sentenced to two years on probation and two weeks in jail after being convicted of spiking his teacher's drink.gavin gilbertson and another teen t white board cleaner in
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of community service and probation, his record could be expunged. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- honoring local vets: how milwaukee bucks players treated members of our military ahead of veterans day. plus: making a difference: what these local girls scouts did to try and make a popular bridge safer. s take a look at tonight's time 6:30, its the mike mccarthy book 7, its back to back episodes of superstore followed by chicago med d the blacklistmore local news
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obrved across in our area - astlnewcplace in meill nor resident veterans with a vetens day ceremony.newly re-elected congressman glenn grothman will spk.a p-o-w will be presenting the to begin the short ceremony and the reading of the list names and military vets in attendance. the veterans have also been given the option of arriving in unifo 10 in the morning. st. john's northwestern military academy will honor our nation's veterans with its annual salute to veterans and flag pageant. the community anall our nation's veterans are invited as the acem joins with the city of delafield's cushing elementary school as a way to instill a sense of ide and patriotism in our nation's youth.the
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o'clock this afternooon tonight, the milwaukee bucks will celebrate "military appreciation night" during their game agahe in t pelicans.they recently took time to serve area veterans during an appreciation dinner at the v-a medical center. players michael beasley and steve novak got to show off their culinary skills in the kitchen... we just appreciate you guys for allowing us into your home, and we appreciate your country to allow all of us to do things we love, we recognize the sacrifices you guys have bottom of our hearts we ank'siggame starts at 7 o'clock game starts tonight's tonight's game starts at 7 o'clock at the bmo harris bradley center.for each ticket purcd, we energies willdonate a ticket to a miliatry grou local girl scouts are trng to make bike trails safer for cyclists. we recently caug with the in trp shorewood ... where they painted a sign on the pedestian bridge. their
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we hope that people will see this and be more aware of what is going on and other people that are using thtrail at the same time as them so that ere will be less injuries. i justught it was really fun because now i know i did something good.the project is lping the girls achieve their bronze award... which lps impro the community.. check this out-a 93-yr old eau claire woman justcrossed an adventure off r list. peggy grunner recently rode the zipline at mall of america in bloomington, minnesota.she went with a few of her pals -- the yoge was 77ggy caed the experience "super f" up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- pe voting for prident: despite the lines, the surprising story nd
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plus: holiday travel safety: the dangerous items confiscad at airports around country and wh mitchell international plans today to
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breaking overnight...
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out across the country.where it's happening-- and why milwaukee could see a demonstratlater today. plus...tobacco troubles at miller park. why ?some products could be banned at the ballparkd what city leaders hope to gain-- if it passes. let's take a live look outside this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tm. i'm e i'm susan ki let't a check of your weather and afgether... erday was very pleasant with sunshine, highs in the mid to upper 50s, and a light westerly breeze. temps quickly evening, a sw wind kicked up overnight, and s are


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